Oana Lauric, Romanian born artist, Italian by adoption,
lived in Paris France for a decade and is currently residing in Maine, USA.
Has a French Architect DPLG degree and a Romanian Fine Arts Baccalaureate. Worked as an architect and a designer for several years before officially becoming a professional artist painter in 2001. Owner of ARToujours studio & gallery.

Fine art in general, and her Scenes series specifically, allow her the creative freedom she yearned for as an architect.
The reality of architectural work, she said, is that most of the time the original design must be altered because of monetary
or other concerns. She found this constant need for compromise frustrating:
“Whether architectural renderings accurately depict a completed building or a utopia, they are founded on the power of
intention and fed by unchained imagination. They sometimes are true works of art!” she said.
“Imagine then the pain of, say, a sculptor, who sees
his finished sculpture slowly dismembered for the
sake of budgeting or function,” she added.

Working as an artist gives her the creative freedom she desired,
while her background as an architect, as well as personal
experiences and the places she’s lived, inform her art.

"As an artist, I play with colors, mediums and textures,
while as a trained architect I explore, virtually without
limitations, the impact of the built environment on our
psyche. Through volumes, color and spaces, depths,
scale and perspective, my hope is to signal the power of
our surroundings and hopefully raise expectations. We are
shaped by these spaces as much as we shape them,” she said.

(excerpts from Martha Entwistle’s article for PortCity Life)