Through intuition and practice, I start by trying to understand my portrait models.
From a personal meeting or from the reference of photo albums or videos,
I try to look at the world through their eyes, to
learn how they view themselves and the others.
For a group portrait,
relationship is key and I try to express the
reason of their togetherness.
by capturing a personality, a mood, I aim to deliver not only a
perfect likeness but the very essence of my model!

The innocence of childhood, the depths of adulthood, the wisdom in aging, emotional intelligence, psychological narrative…
More than a photograph,
peel away the layers and
bare the inner Soul
this is what I try to express in my Portraits!

, the artist and the client agree upon
the mood, size and background of the portrait.
While having the model
pose is the most inspiring method to me and try to use it as often as possible, I can equally create my portraits entirely from the reference of photographs. Under appropriate lighting, through a harmonious composition, I photograph the subject (my photo session is included in the price, except travel expenses if out of state), but I may also use your own favorite photograph if desired (upon approval), or combine several photos if appropriate.

As the painting evolves,
I will send you (via email, or printed) snapshots of the work in progress and will welcome your
Upon completion, the portrait will be delivered to you with
insured satisfaction.







Whether this is a surprise gift or a long-thought project,
you will receive a valuable heirloom,
a timeless work of art to be treasured, passed down through generations

Gift Certificates are also available!

For pricing information please contact Oana
at 1-207-879.0891 or